Catering isn’t just for weddings!

Catering isn’t just for weddings!

Did you ever think, hmmmm, it would be great to have that 1st birthday party, the communion or the other special occasion that is NOT a wedding catered? Then you said to yourself, well that’s silly…it’s only a small group, it’s at home, the expense…so many variables…we can just cook ourselves!!!

Well sure you can cook…..but did you want to be able to celebrate that occasion or mingle with your guests…….of course you do. So why not have any other special occasions catered.  You can do it!!!  We do it all….and we do it we are off- premise caterers…birthdays, religious occasions, anniversaries, retirement, BBQ’s, Clambakes, graduations, showers, engagements, after wedding brunches…you name it, we will caterer whatever you want to celebrate.  And we of course do the wedding too!

We can simply just drop it off or we can do it all at your home or venue with wait staff, rentals and all.  From casual to elegant……we are at your service!

So the next time you are planning your next event, consider having it catered.  Give us a call at 732-920-3040 so you can see what we can do for you. 

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