Delicious Irish Recipes for Saint Patrick’s Day

Delicious Irish Recipes for Saint Patrick’s Day

If you’re searching for something uniquely Irish to serve alongside corned beef and cabbage, look no further. We’ve complied a list of festive foods for the upcoming holiday.

• Colcannon– This side traditionally combines cabbage or kale with mashed potatoes. This dish is so famous in Ireland that there’s a song about it! We like this recipe with kale from Real Simple. 

• Scallion Champ– Upgrade your mashed potatoes with scallions and melt butter in the center to create the ultimate comfort food. This recipe from the Food Network looks easy and delicious.

• Irish Pub Salad- Can’t get enough green on Saint Paddy’s Day? Enjoy this salad, which combines Boston lettuce, pickled veggies, hard boiled eggs, and Irish cheddar.

Beef Stew with Guinness- Kick up traditional beef stew with a cup of Guinness stout. Drink the rest while the stew is simmering and enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day!

• Irish Coffee Cupcakes- If you’re tired from all the celebrating, these cupcakes, made with espresso, will keep you going. The icing is delightfully decadent with heavy cream, confectioner’s sugar, whiskey and more espresso.

If you’d rather leave it up to us, we will be serving dinner by the plate all day Thursday and Friday for $12.99 (pick up only). Our full Saint Patrick’s Day menu is available here.

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