In my opinion, salmon is one of the most delicious and versatile fish. It is actually my favorite fish (I am not the cook, just the social lass..who is a self-proclaimed salmon expert…at least on eating it)  It can be cooked multiple ways – baked, broiled, grilled, pan-seared or poached. And let’s just for a moment touch on the many ways to marinade it….simply from olive oil, lemon juice(I prefer freshly squeezed) and garlic salt right to a rich honey and brown sugar glaze…. oh my mouth is watering!!!

We served this salmon at the Jersey Shore Partnership yesterday…it was a Asian Glazed and baked. Huge hit….and today, the staff enjoyed the remainder of it in a salad….quite satisfying!!!!

A few suggestions in choosing your salmon:

*Eyes should be clear and shiny, not cloudy and dry * The interior gills should be bright red, not pink or brownish grey, which is a sign of age or improper storage and handling * The fish should smell like the ocean, not fishy * The flesh should be firm, succulent and resilient, able to go back to its shape when pressed * Unbruised flesh * Light silvery-coloured skin indicates the salmon was harvested when young and in its prime. Darker, more colourful skin indicates an older, leaner, less tasty salmon *

Remember in cooking your salmon, no matter which way you choose, should be light and flaky.  You really only need minutes to cook it.  And please remember that fish continues to cook for about 5 minutes after removed from heat……

Here’s one of my favorite ways to prep and cook salmon:

1- 1½lbs salmon*3 Tbsp butter*2Tbsp honey*¼c brown sugar*juice from ½ lemon*¼tsp salt*lemon slices. Brush glaze on salmon and my preferred cooking method is grilling. Place salmon on foil and grill on preheated grill for approximately 4-5 minute each side.  Remove from grill, squeeze with fresh lemon and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. Pair with asparagus, sautéed veggies, rice or your favorite side. Your friendly marketing coordinator~ENJOY

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