Everybody has aspirations for the New Year. I can assume you are one of them!
So if you have the ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude and are already dreading your resolution to go to the gym and eat right, let us at least help with the ‘eating right’ side of things.

Pictured below is a Tuna Salad sandwich, a classic for any deli. Order it on Rye bread, which is proven to help speed up one’s metabolism. All of our sandwiches come with a side salad, so come in and try our Health Salad. Guaranteed to be more exciting then any salad you have at home.

And even if you have no interest in changing your diet this year, call us and inquire about our soups for the week. This week is Cream of Mushroom (Shown Below) or Red Kidney Bean Vegetable Soup. With the weather finally changing, now is the best time to come in out of the cold and warm up a bit.

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