Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America!

So as we go into celebrating America’s 239th birthday, here are some fun facts that you may have not known.

The firework value imported from China to the U.S is approximately $197.3 million.

The dollar value of U.S. imports of American flags $3.2 million. The U.S exported about $486,000 in flags.  The largest consumer was Mexico.

And let’s not forget the good ole’ American BBQ’s. More than 81 million BBQ will be had! WOW….we sure know how to throw a birthday party!  1 in 6 chance your beef is from the Lone State….Texas, the chicken grilling on your grill is most likely from Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina or Mississippi, the lettuce that you attempt to make your burger healthy with is probably from California…which is where 3/4 of lettuce production for the U.S. comes from and those tomatoes, most likely Florida or California…..though NJ has great tomatoes!!!! Idaho and Washington send on over the potatoes and chips! Oh and that succulent watermelon, well  80% of the U.S. production comes from California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona & Indiana. Don’t forget the apple pie…the apples most likely come from New York or Washington. But you can always find all of this locally(just your marketing gals opinion). 

No matter where you get your fixings from, be sure to fly your Flag high, celebrate well and be safe!!

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