Leftovers in Style

Leftovers in Style

So after our busy weekends here, we usually have unused leftovers!   Needless to say, we don’t care for waste…..so our wonderful chefs spoil the staff with what they call a family lunch.  But the special part is, they don’t just cook up what was meant to be….they get creative and turn into something else for us!!!!  Here are a couple of past “Leftovers in Style”…….we certainly don’t go hungry here!

Filet Eggroll with stir fry sausage, peppers & onion.  What it was: Pinwheel Filets and sausage, peppers & onions!  It was DELCIOUS!

 Open faced French dip on homemade whole wheat beer bread, beer cheese and mixed field & herb salad with vinaigrette…..it was London Broil with sautéed peppers & onions.  It too was AMAZING!!  P.S. the herbs…..grown & picked right here at Shore Catering!

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