These 8 must have items complete any Saint Patrick’s Day Party.

1. Beer – 

A huge part of Irish tradition, the delicious stouts, ales and lagers of Ireland have become staple items at most St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world. With flavorful beers from brands like Harp, Murphy’s, Guinness, there’s a notable Irish brew for all types of beer lovers .(Read More)

2. Whiskey – 

There’s no holiday where Irish Whiskey is more at the centerpiece than St. Patrick’s Day. Although the very popular Jameson 12 Year is a very pleasant product, there’s an entire world out there of interesting and unique Irish Whiskey offerings. 

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3. Corned Beef & Cabbage –  Corned Beef is In fact, the dish that’s synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish in the U.S. is so rarely eaten in Ireland—for the holiday or otherwise—that some people wonder if it’s actually Irish. Purchase a full tray at Shore Catering for $160

4. Parslied Potatoes & 5. Carrots traditionally paired with corned beef and cabbage.  Available by the full tray at Shore Catering for $60

6. Deviled Eggs – Always an enjoyable and refreshing appetizer.  Use this recipe and include some green food coloring.

7. Soda Bread – Another staple of an Irish Dinner.  Soda Bread is a quick baked bread feautring buttermilk, baking soda, butter, flour and raisins.  Available by the loaf at Shore Catering for $5.99

8. Desserts – With so many choices these days, here are some great recipe’s.  Also, contact Shore Catering for cookies, cupcakes and more. 

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