What’s for dinner tonight?

What’s for dinner tonight?

So the kitchen is super busy today…so busy, that I am a little hesitant to head downstairs and take some prep photos for the weekend festivities…..they may stuff me in the walk-in, or worse, make me start cooking!!!!  So just thought I would share a yummy recipes of what’s for dinner at my house tonight…..I am sure there are other versions of it…this is just mine.  I have been grilling all summer and I love it…but every now and again throughout the summer, I get the urge for comfort food that usually is for the Fall & Winter and tonight is one of those eve’s. I will turn the AC down a smidge so the oven doesn’t cook the house, poor a glass of my latest favorite of wine~Valenzano Harmony Blackberry Syrah, tune Pandora to Frank Sinatra and make it an Italian night!!!  So try it tonight or save it for a cooler eve.

Chicken Parm Baked Ziti~

So I make my own bread crumbs out of croutons and whatever spices I am feeling..but you can use breadcrumbs, about ¼ cup of parm, garlic powder and pepper.  Mix  an egg and milk(about ¼ cup) to desired consistency in a separate bowl. Cut about 1.5 chicken breasts tenders into cubes (I prefer lady like bite size) and roll in liquid mixture, then breadcrumbs.

Semi-Healthy version~spray cookie sheet with olive oil spray and bake until browned or feel like splurging version, pan fry chicken until browned over medium heat in olive oil. While this is happening, cook your ziti.

Mix your ziti with ¼ cup or so of parm , either your homemade sauce or cheat and use jarred. (Leave some sauce to side) Spray a 9×13 dish…layer bottom with some ziti mixture, then a layer of your favorite shredded cheese(I like Monterey Jack), sprinkle with mozz and parm, then the rest of ziti mixture. Layer chicken in single layer over pasta, layer mozz and some more sauce, another sprinkle of mozz and favorite cheese.  You do not have to use an additional cheese…this is just how I make my normal ziti. Bake for about 25 minute on 350.

Pairs well with either white or red wine (for adults)…and if you don’t want to make this, you can always order a tray of ziti or chicken parm from us!!!!

I will throw a picture in after I cook it this eve.

Hope you enjoy~Hopefully I can get into our kitchen next week to show you what’s going on in there!


Your PR gal

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