How have times changed-Medieval to Modern Weddings!

How have times changed-Medieval to Modern Weddings!

The ole’ saying goes “Feast Fit For A King”!

One of the wedding traditions that has not changed too much from Medieval Times to today is the “feast” or reception in which a couple celebrates their wedding day with family and friends. Food, spirits and entertainment have played a role in wedding celebrations since around the 4th century. Compared to today’s traditional wedding menu (beef, chicken & fish), the selections were very similar (beef, lamb, pork) and if you lived by water sorted fish was included.  If you were a noble or wealthier social class, you would also have milled flour and grain based meals.

Though the entertainment has expanded through the centuries, poetry was read and songs sung for Medieval wedding entertainment.

Wedding celebrations lasted well into the night especially since food could not really be preserved then…..the party lasted until all the food and spirits were gone!!

Today, weddings has many different menus, plenty of spirits and much entertainment.

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