Everything you need to know about organizing your office Thanksgiving Party.

Make sure to consider the following.

  1. Get your staff involved
  2. Decorate
  3. Give Thanks…especially to your employees
  4. Fun & Games
  5. Food
  6. Cleanup & Leftovers

Your success as a company is largely based on your employees.  What better time to let them know they are appreciated.

  1. Do include everyone.  Allowing your staff to make contributions and feel part of the process will create a better working environment and validate your employees self worth.  Your staff will not only enjoy your office party more, but will also be grateful that you are willing to give back to your staff for Thanksgiving.
  2. Decorations set the tone for any event.  It’s a great way to allow staff to get involved and use their creative spirit.  Keep it simple.  A short trip to the craft store and a small budget can go a long way.  Use downtime or unproductive time to decorate.  The last 20 minutes of the day or a afternoon coffee break over a few days or week will keep your staff productive.
  3. Keep in mind the spirit of Thanksgiving.  We all know we should be thankful, but taking a moment to identify what and who we are thankful for can go a long way.
  4. Fun.  Of course taking a break from work is always fun.  But including some games, contests or awards solidifies the party.  Here are a few great ideas to consider.
  5. Thanksgiving is definitely the one holiday we all know what to expect on the table and in our bellies.  Make sure you get it right.  Here are some tips on cooking or leave it to the professionals and get it catered.  Menu’s Here.
  6. Plan ahead for the cleanup and leftovers.  Having an office party can be difficult. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits and then leave the scene of the crime.  Make sure you have a few individuals or ask everyone to pitch in before they go back to work.  As for the leftovers, get some to go boxes or wrap everything up for lunch the next day.  Everyone loves a good turkey smash sandwich.  Click here for recipe
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